Aglaee Degros

Aglaee Degros is a City of Vienna Visiting Professor and cofounder (with Stefan Bendiks) of the Artgineering urban planning office in Rotterdam. This agency works between spatial, social and cultural production in the public space. For this she was awarded the Karl Hofer prize of the Arts University of Berlin.

She is also a professor holding the Roland Rainder chair at the Vienna Academy of Arts and has been guest professor holding the interdisciplinary chair in urban culture and the public arena at Vienna Technical University. She recently published ‘Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe and Brussels’ and ‘Brussels and the conquest of its public spaces’.

She held various lectures at amongst others: Palais des Congres Luik, Sint Lucas Brussels, Fashion Institute Amsterdam, Bouwnetwerk-Lisse, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and CIVA Brussels. Also, she is well-known for her publications ‘Artgineering/Blurred boundaries’, ‘City branding’, ‘Markant’, ‘Espace-vie’ and ‘The Artificial Landscape’.

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Bo Andér

Bo Andér is a Head of Department for cultural subsidies in the City of Stockholm. He was also a Strategy Developer for the Culture Department of the City of Stockholm where his main tasks consisted of developing and writing about a diversity of culture policy issues related to the general development of the City as well as collaborations with other departments and cultural organisations concerning specific projects on both national and international levels. His main insterests are in the arts and cultural policy, design and evaluation, urban development and regeneration, cultural mapping and planning, meaning of the creativity and its use in arts policy.

Bo Andér has an academic background in the literature history, with an uncompleted thesis on Swedish newspapers as literature in the 19th century. Earlier he worked as a culture committees co-ordinator  in the suburbs of Stockholm, as a programme producer in the Culture Centre of Stockholm, as a producer and a project leader at the Stockholm City Theatre, as well as a Secretary of the Culture Committee of the City of Stockholm and the 1st Secretary of the Culture Department.

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Dessislava Gavrilova

Dessislava Gavrilova is a founder and director of The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate and director of the Centre for Arts and Culture of the Central European University, Budapest. She is a policy analyst focused on cultural policy research, comparative culture studies, and urban cultural development.

She established and ran the Open Society Institute – Budapest Performing Arts Network Programme (1997-2000) stimulating independent artistic work and innovation across Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Republics. Within the scope of the Programme’s activities,  she established long-term programs like “Gulliver’s Connect”, and “East-West Arts Connect”. She ran the Performing Arts programme of the Soros Centre for the Arts from its establishment in 1994 till 1996.

Dessislava is a guest lecturer at the Cultural Studies department of Sofia University. Her publications – in national and international daily and specialized press – ranging from current civil society and public policy issues, to cultural policies and the practices in the performing arts.

Dessislava Gavrilova holds an MA (with honours) in Public Policy (CEU, Budapest). She also holds an MA in Theatre Studies from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia and has studied film script writing at the Moscow Film Institute.  She conducted research on the cultural policy of Britain at the University of Oxford, UK.

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