Austrian Cultural Council

The Austrian Cultural Council is a consortium of the associations representing interests of art, cultural and media workers and a platform for shared cultural policy concerns and objectives. By opening, promoting and publishing debates on cultural, educational, media and social policies, the association takes an active part in forming cultural policy positions and strategy development. Through its activities it promotes a diversity of opinions and emancipatory participation in art, culture and media as a cultural policy principle.

The Austrian Cultural Council focuses on the areas of social rights, cultural diversity, autonomous and independant media, intellectual property rights, commons and copyright, as well as on transparency in allocating cultural support. Activities through which they operate include debates, publications, conferences, public events, lobbying and public relations. They cooperate with and are a member of European and international organizations and networks (e.g. Culture Action Europe, European Council of Artists). Structuraly, the Austrian Cultural Council consists of an executive board, a consulting committee and a coordinating office.

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IG Kultur Österreich

IG Kultur Österreich is a network and advocacy organisation for independent and autonomous cultural work in Austria, established in 1990. IG Kultur Österreich strives to achieve improvements in the federal and regional legislation and regulations responsible for the cultural initiatives and social security of those engaged in cultural work.  A specific focus lies on the transparency in decision making processes. It advocates the ideas interlinking specific political issues such as anti-racism, anti-fascism and anti-capitalism with independent cultural work in Austria. Additionaly, IG Kultur Österreich engages in lobbying for improvements concerning the security and an increase of public financing. The organisation is also engaged in writing and publishing catalogues, journal on critical cultural politics (Kulturrisse), developing projects as well as acting as a consultant in cultural planning processes.

As a membership organisation IG Kultur Österreich represents interests of more than 350 autonomous cultural initiatives such as cultural organisations, which work independently in the field of contemporary art, music, dance, film etc. The structure of IG Kultur Österreich consists of an executive board responsible for the organizational and administrative aspects and of regional boards that jointly influence cultural policy objectives at the federal level.

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