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Centre d’études européennes-CEE

Centre d’études européennes is one of the nine research centres of Sciences Po, international university based in Paris, France. Its scientific projects rest on a multidisciplinary and transversal approach to policy and politics. Certain projects are based within the laboratory itself, or are transversal to Sciences Po, while others are collaborative projects built on partnerships with teams from France, Europe or abroad. These research projects involve the organization of a large number of scientific events and give rise to numerous publications.

The objective of the CEE is the analysis of political and social changes in Europe and their extensions in the international arena. Its principal ambitions are:

- To understand European construction and its impact 
- To grasp the policy/politics articulation 
- To invest in methodological questions

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Bjarki Valtysson

Bjarki Valtysson is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen and has a background in literature, cultural studies, and digital communication. His research interests include cultural, media, and communication policies and regulation, particularly in terms of the politics of social media and networked cultures. He also researches the application and reception of social media within the area of museums, archives, libraries, and social network sites as well as how these relate to production, distribution, use, and consumption in digital cultures. His research interests also include digital media and democracy, with a focus on digital public spheres, networked publics, and counterpublics. Valtysson recently published a book on Icelandic cultural policy.

Bjarki is also a Compendium author for Denmark’s cultural policy and has a blog dedicated to writings on digital culture and communication.

He holds  a PHD from Institute for Communication, Business and Information Technologies, Roskilde University,  a MA in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from University of Copenhagen and a BA in Comparative Literature from University of Iceland.  His PhD thesis, Access Culture – The Remixable Culture of Prosumers and the Cultural Policy of the European Union, focuses on the notion of access culture (policies, copyright, etc.), digital public spheres, networked publics (and counter-publics) and prosumers (producer-consumer). Objectives of analysis include internet art, the Europeana digital library, EU directives on the audiovisual sector, databases such as the Internet Archive and BBC’s Creative Archive, and collaborative open source inspired projects like Elephants Dream.

Valtysson is a member of the Digital Culture and Mobile Communication research group at ITU, and a member of the Center for Network Culture at ITU.

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ICCR – The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences (ICCR) is an independent, international, non-profit research institute specialized in strategic policy analysis based in Vienna, Austria. The ICCR is focused on applied, multi-disciplinary and comparative research in a number of different international policy areas in the European scope. ICCR also places great significance on networking and collaboration. The ICCR’s research programme is comprised of four thematic areas:

The cultural research within ICCR covers topics such as multiculturalism, cultural consumptions, cultural integration, creative culture, art festivals and European public culture.
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