Cultural Cooperation in Europe

Zofia Dworakowska

Zofia Dworakowska is a cultural anthropologist, theatrologist, as well as a researcher of independent culture, community arts and art in the public space. She is the Head of the Culture Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. She is responsible for a unit aimed at preparing students to run their own cultural projects.

She has organized and led workshops, work exchanges and study trips in the framework of international projects funded by European Commission Programs.  She was a Polish coordinator of DNA (Development of New Art) – a project funded from the EU program Culture 2007-2013. She has been coordinating different European projects, such as:

  • Leonardo da Vinci Program: HANDMADE – Culture animation: learning through practice; 
  • LOCALISE – Study trip as model of research, education and practice in vocational training in culture animation and community work


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Tallinn Creative Hub

Tallinn Creative Hub / Kultuurikatel is a foundation and a platform for networking and knowledge dissemination. As a platform it has a mission to stimulate partnerships, knowledge transfer and establish good contacts. It also aims to broad European network for creating synergy between various cultural trends and organizations as well as creative industries and businesses. It is a grid of communication and concept building with a practical value in interdisciplinary cluster projects, research on creative industry and new economy models. The Hub also encourages programs of informal education, event promotion, consulting seminars and innovation oriented workshops.

Parallely it provides the physical space in the 10 000 square meter former power and heating plant in Tallinn. This space serves as a working place for different studios, black boxes, galleries, rooms with future development capabilities and public attractions like restaurants, shops and tourist centers. In addition, it can be used for smaller workshops, seminars or large performing art shows and day-to-day festivals. The Foundation worked on establishing and encouraging people to participate in the creation of the Tallin as the Capital of Culture in 2011. The preparation and formulation of the cultural program of the event was assisted by the Foundation Tallinn 2011.

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