Cristina Ortega Nuere

Cristina Ortega Nuere is Director of the Institute of Leisure Studies at the University of Deusto where she is involved in various coordination, research and teaching activities.

  • She is professor and the Principal Researcher of the Official Research Team of Leisure and Human Development of the University of Deusto.
  • She is teaching in the PhD Programme in Leisure and Human Development, PhD Programme in International and Intercultural Studies and in several other masters (Master Erasmus Mundus Euro-culture, Master in Management of Leisure Projects, Master in Organisation of Events) and specializing courses (the University course in Local Cultural Management and the Course in Protocol and Special Events).
  • She is also Director of the Master in Management of Leisure Projects, Master in Organisation of Events and the Postgraduate Course in Local Cultural Management.

Cristina is also President of ENCATC, the European Network of Cultural Administration and Training Centres and also the chair of ENCATC’s Policy Grouping Monitors of Culture with 40 members from 20 countries.

Cristina has participated in more than 30 research projects in the cultural field. In the last year she has been the leader of the project Monitors of Culture that aims to reflect on cultural observatories in the future in Europe, financed by the European Commission under the framework of the Culture Programme. She has also taken part in the Life Long Learning project Artists Moving and Learning that analyses the impact of mobility experiences of artists in Europe. She has organized more than twenty events and scientific meetings on an international level, among which also the 6th World Leisure Congress of the Institute of Leisure Studies. She regularly participates as a guest in various international meetings.

Her recent publications include:

  • contribution to the  book edited by the European Commission, entitled Measuring Creativity with the contribution Events: functions and tendencies, by Ortega C. and Izaguirre, M. (2010) Bilbao: University of Deusto; and
  • Ortega, C. (2010) Observatorios Culturales. Creación de Mapas de Infraestructuras y Eventos, Barcelona: Ariel.

At present, she is Member of the Basque Council of Culture of the Basque Government.

Cristina is Doctor in Leisure and Human Potential studies, with a Master degree in Leisure Management, and specialised in Cultural Management, she graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy from the University of Deusto and completed her studies in London, Middlesex and at Westminster University.

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Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia

Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia is a consultant in the field of cultural policies and management, open inovation and global communication strategies.

Roberto devised and directed Divergentes and Disonancias between 2005 and 2009, two platforms connecting artists and companies in search of open and collaborative innovation, recognised by the European Union as one of the best practices for creativity and innovation in Europe ( He was also the promoter, founder and director of the Xabide Group for 25 years and directed numerous projects in the fields of culture, communication and public awareness, social economic development, entrepreneurship promotion and innovation.

Since 2009  he is a  Director of c2+i,cultura, comunicación, innovación. c2+i is an organisation that promotes creative processes and new relationship areas between economics, culture and social organisations, committed to exploring new opportunities for the development of creative industries and helping to make other productive sectors and society in general more creative. Based on this idea of open and collaborative innovation, c2+i develops programmes that aim for deeper innovation focused on strategies of cultural change, which may result in changes in attitudes and values, changes in organisational models or the creation of new products, services, materials or technologies.

Since 2010  he is a  Director of Conexiones Improbables, based in Bilbao. Improbable Connections is a community of collaborative and co-creative research initiatives aimed at innovation and social responsibility. It is based on the paradigms of open innovation and the principles of interrelated fields, disciplines and individuals.

Since 2012  he is a Profesor at Master course ‘Ciudades y Emprendimientos Creativos’ in Córdoba (Argentina)

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Hannu Saha

Hannu Saha is the arts and culture policy maker as well as a composer and a musician based in Finland. As a researcher, he specialises in research on creativity, its meaning and use in arts, cultural and music policy. As a musician Mr. Saha is known as a master of the Finnish lap harp, or kantele.

Hannu Saha holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree and is a docent/senior lecturer at the University of Tampere. Between 2004-2006, Mr. Saha was the Chair of the Arts Council of Finland. He also worked as an Educational Advisor (1980–1985) and Director (1985–2002) of the Folk Music Institute and as the Artistic Director (1997–2002) and Director (2003) of the Folk Arts Centre. Additionally he served as the Professor of Ethno-musicology at the University of Tampere and the Director of the Department of Music Anthropology 2002–2003. Mr. Saha has been a member of various arts councils as well as in numerous trusts in culture and arts.

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Tara Byrne

Tara Byrne is an arts consultant and cultural policy researcher based in Dublin. She serves on the advisory committee of ‘Brand Dublin: Dublin’s Identity Project’ with Dublin City Council. She was the Irish representative of the EU working group on ‘Maximising the Potential of the Cultural and Creative Industries’ (Priority 4, Culture Plan 2008 – 2010). In 2010, she was visual arts coordinator of the ‘Creative Policies for Creative Cities Project’ in Dun Laoghaire and International Innovation Expert for the ECCE Innovation project, as part of Dublin City Council’s CreativeD initiative. Before that, she was Director of the National Sculpture Factory (2002-08), and Artists’ Support Executive in the Arts Council (1996 – 2002), where she was responsible for setting up new interdisciplinary support systems for artists, as well as developing artists’ support policies and contributing to national and EU culture think-tanks, leading to policies as they related to the individual artist (in particular Ireland’s contribution to the Copyright and Related Rights Act). Previously she has worked in Alternative Entertainments, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the National College of Art and Design.  She is a former board member of CIRCA, the Visual Arts Journal in Ireland and a member of IKT Curators’ Forum.

Tara Byrne completed a BA in History of Art and English Literature at Trinity College, Dublin in 1991 and a Higher Diploma in Arts Administration from UCD in 1993.  She is currently pursuing a PHD in ‘Creative Cities’ theories concerning the growth and transformation of cities, specifically researching the relationship between the Creative City paradigm and Cultural Policy.



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Agência INOVA

Agencia INOVA is a non-profit institution, based in Portugal, supporting arts, culture and creative industries. Its focus is placed on creative economy, NGO sector, cultual management and cultural policies, as well as, the territorial development. It aims include promotion and dissemination of  different forms of cultural expression nationally and internationally; organisation of different training activities aimed at cultural and arts sector; as well as preparation, organisation and implementation of cultural and artistic projects. INOVA is composed of the following strategic units: consulting unit; training unit; information unit; special projects unit.   INOVA is the institution responsible for the implementation of entrepreneurship policies in the artistic and cultural sector in Portugal.

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Beatrice Manzoni

Beatrice Manzoni works as a consultant and researcher for ASK Research Centre on Management and Economics for Cultural Institutions, Bocconi University, Milan, with expertise in business plans, feasibility studies and organizational design for cultural institutions. She holds a BSc and MSc in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (2004) , and BSc in Architecture from Politecnico in Milan, Italy (2007). Her work interests are centered around project management for cultural institutions, creativity, cultural policies, urban development and regeneration. Ms Manzoni also teaches courses in Production Systems for Arts and Media, Cultural Management, Project and Team Management.

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Leon Niko Qafzezi

Leon Qafzezi studied at the Academy of Arts  in Albania. He is  a writer and Head of  the Eagle Film Albania. He is the author of 18 books including the publication entitled ‘World History of Cinema’ (2008). In addition, he is a film critic and has produced or filmed more than 30 documentaries in various countries, including Albania, USA, France and Italy.




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