Access and Participation in Cultural Life

Sabine Frank

Sabine Frank is the Deputy Secretary General of the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage. EFAH (established in 1992) is a platform of over 80 arts and cultural networks and associations (representing in turn over 5000 cultural organisations across Europe) and focuses on advocacy for a well-respected and supported role for culture in the policies of the European Union. Sabine led EFAH’s advocacy work on the legislative process for Culture 2007 and was a key force behind the 70 Cents for Culture campaign.

Since 2006 she has been working as a Coordinator of the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue. As the Platform Coordinator, Sabine is responsible for the mobilization of participants, the conceptualisation of the Platform and she oversees all of the Platform’s operational activities. She was given this role by EFAH, who initiated the Platform together with the European Cultural Foundation.

Before joining EFAH as the EU Policy Adviser, Sabine worked as a parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament’s Committee on Education and Culture (1999-2004). Prior to that, she pursued an academic career (political science), holding various research teaching position in the UK and Malta.  

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m-cult is a non-profit  organization established in 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. The organization works to develop and promote new forms of media art and digital culture, with a focus on cultural and social innovations of digital media and technology. The main activities cover the fields of media and electronic art, community media and open source culture as well as urban and participatory media, on which m-cult has focused and gained expertise in a range of projects. m-cult also organized events, workshops, production and is engaged in publishing activitites. The research so far covered following themes:

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