Cultural Center REX

Cultural Center REX

Mission, activities and projects

Cultural Center REX is a laboratory for research of new fields of culture. The centre is the member of the European Network of Independent Cultural Centres – Trans Europe Halles, the coalition of centres for creative development and use of new media (the ECB network – European cultural backbone), the Clubture – the informal regional project platform (M2, Croatia) and the Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

REX was formed in 1994 by Belgrade based radiostation B92, by the name of Cinema REX and as a cultural centre space for providing the conditions for realisation and presentation of domestic production from the field of theatre and visual arts, music, film, video, new media; organizing  workshops, promotions and discussion and being actively involved in social and political movements, networking the co-operations throughout Yugoslavia.

REX is coverning contemporary culture and promoting creative use of new media by:

  • supporting production and presentation of analytical and critical culture;
  • promoting values of open and democratic society and culture and art that reflect current civil needs and initiatives;
  • carries out projects in collaboration with cultural workers active on local or ex-Yugoslav scene;
  • carries out programmes in Belgrade and throughout Serbia with the aim of playing an active part in the European cultural milieu: organizes guest visits of various artists, participates in forums and workshops, initiates and carries out international projects, exchanges programmes and experiences with similar centres;
  • insists on working with young people and audience, emphasizing educational aspect of such an activity;
  • creates a “free zone” for discussion about current political and social processes.

Some of the REX culture and exchange activities in focus are:

The Crossroads East West programme focus is on detecting and analyzing different processes and projects of intercultural dialogue of existing cultural and artistic project activities, and mapping of intercultural dialogue in Serbia focused on contemporary cultural and artistic sphere in order to explore and better understand the nature and capacity of intercultural dialog  in the Eastern and Western Europe. The Crossroads East West intercultural dialogue programme meetings and debates are part of the Engine Room Europe, a three-year project focusing on independent cultural workers and their field of activity.

Engine Room Europe, REX is one of 11 co-organisers in a three-year capacity building project dedicated to the sustainable future of the European independent cultural sector through investment in its cultural workers and their creative processes. This objective will be achieved by a three-year programme of Europe wide activities. The main aim of the project is to enhance the capacity and sustainability of independent culture in Europe. The project is carried out with the support of the European Commission.

Mission Less Probable is a REX series of public presentations and debates, held by artists, architects, cultural workers, policy makers and NGO activists chiefly from the SEE region with the task of locate and analyse the gaps between aims and real outcomes of the selected case study artistic, architectural, civil society or cultural policy-related production.

Intercultural Dialogues’ Mapping in the Republic of Serbia is a project of Working Group for preservation of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, realized by Serbian Ministry of Culture and Cultural Centre Rex as a partner organization. Project of Mapping and Affirmation of Projects and Processes of Intercultural Dialogues in the Republic of Serbia serve to locate and research different aspects of intercultural dialogues under conditions that are characteristic for Serbia and within the existing cultural, activist or research practice.

Main field of activity

cultural management, cultural advocacy, audience development, events organisation, cultural education, cultural cooperation

Type of organization and management structure

independent, non-governmental, non-for-profit, labaratory

Year of establishment



REX, 16 Jevrejska Street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia




Resources available

The website provides information about events organized by the Centre.