Report on Crowdfunding Schemes in Europe and their Legal Implications

In July 2011, the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC) asked the EENC to prepare a report on crowdfunding schemes in Europe, with a particular focus on the legal issues in this field.

The request related to the European Commission’s European Agenda for Culture in a Globalizing World, and particularly its aim to help develop innovative sources of funding in the creative sector. The immediate objective of the research was to enable internal discussions within DG EAC as regards the political and regulatory implications of crowdfunding at both EU and Member State level.

The resulting analytical report presents a synthesis on the practices of crowdfunding schemes in the cultural and creative sector in Europe, an analysis of issues which potentially affect EU competences and/or regulatory frameworks and a set of recommendations in the field of EU and national regulation. In addition to public authorities, the report can be relevant to anyone active in the cultural field and with an interest in new forms of funding and participation.

The report was written by David Röthler and Karsten Wenzlaff and a peer-review was conducted by Aleksandra Uzelac. It was submitted to DG EAC in September 2011.

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