Challenges and Priorities for Cultural Heritage in Europe: Results of an Expert Consultation

In August 2013, the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC) asked the EENC to carry out a consultation with experts in the field of cultural heritage in Europe, in order to discuss the main challenges in this area for the coming years and the aspects in which future action at EU level could provide more substantial value added. The results of the consultation should inform DG EAC’s ongoing reflections in the field of cultural heritage, including new policy activities foreseen in the near future.

Following the distribution of a questionnaire to a group of key experts in this field, the resulting paper, prepared by the EENC secretariat, summarises the main challenges identified and how EU institutions could respond to them. Both heritage themes (e.g. promoting the interdependencies between cultural heritage and other areas of sustainable development, fostering new narratives and interpretation models, etc.) and policy methods (e.g. fostering the exchange of good practices among Member States, supporting heritage networks, etc.) emerge from the consultation, which was presented to DG EAC in September 2013.

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