Dorota Ilczuk

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Dorota Ilczuk is a policy analyst, researcher and a Professor of Economics and Cultural Management at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities.  She is the founder and president of the Pro Cultura Foundation. Between 2002-2007 she was the President of CIRCLE – Cultural Information and Research Centre Liaison in Europe. She is the author of over one hundred publications, studies and articles (in Polish and English), in the following research fields: 1) economic aspects of cultural activity – economics of culture; 2) interdependence between cultural policy and the development of civil society; and 3) cultural management. Her work is concentrated on various models of financing of culture, commercialization of culture, free market and culture, organising and financing of cultural activity within the third sector, privatization of culture, sponsorship and patronage of culture, economic value of the creative sector and cultural industries, changes in public cultural institutions and forming cultural policies in metropolises.

Additionally Dorota co-operates with international organisations and science associations such as: European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts), Association of Cultural Economics International (ACEI) and International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR). She has taken part in over one hundred national and international conferences, and she is a project director of numerous research programmes. As an expert of the Council of Europe, European Commission and European Parliament, she takes part in international research programmes devoted to culture. She holds a doctorate degree since 1995 on the topic of Institutional and Financial Analysis of Operational Opportunities for Cultural Activities in the Non-profit Sector, and a habilitated doctor degree since 2005.



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cultural policy research; policy analysis; cultural economics; cultural management