ICC – International Cultural Centre

The International Cultural Centre in Krakow is a research institute that is active in research, education, and organising festivals, exhibitions and publishing activities. The ICC is divided into four units:

  • The Centre for Exhibitions and Publications
  • The Research Institute of European Heritage
  • The College for New Europe
  • The Strategy and Communication Department

ICC activities are based on cooperation with foreign partners, such as organisations, institutions, researchers and specialists. The ICC focuses on a multidimensional approach to cultural heritage. It provides a forum for cultural heritage professionals, and collaborates with representatives of culture, politics, economy and media from foreign countries. ICC organizes specialised international interdisciplinary conferences and seminars. ICC fields of interest include the cumulative legacy of the European civilization, Central Europe’s multiculturalism, memory and identity, dialogue between cultures and societies, preservation of historic sites and artefacts, cultural policies, the phenomenon of a historical city, and the origins and development of modern art.  The ICC’s educational activity targets various groups: those working in the culture sector, students, young people and children. As a member of cultural networks and an active participant in international organisations, the Centre has had a significant role in defining new directions for Polish cultural policy.


Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts, University of Tartu

Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts include departments of ethnology, folkloristics, literature and drama studies, as well as arts. This academic unit of the University of Tartu provides the major comprehensive BA, MA and PhD programmes in the field of cultural heritage studies in Estonia, while research groups of ethnologists and folklorists participate in the transdisciplinary and inter-university research partnership in the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT). The Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory is a successor to the Research Centre of Culture and Communication of the University of Tartu, established as an interdisciplinary research institution in 2005. The Centre united nine research groups from the Humanities and Social Sciences, and in 2005-2007 successfully carried out a research project called “Methodological Problems of the Integration of the Culture and Communication Studies” (which resulted in 218 publications).


GACC – Georgian Arts and Culture Center

GACC is a non-governmental organization that aims to:

  •   preserve, develop and promote Georgian cultural heritage and national crafts;
  • support and develop scientific studies in the field of Georgian arts and culture;
  • strengthen the economic viability and self-sustainability of cultural institutions;
  • enhance the development of contemporary Georgian art and exhibition activities;
  • establish international art relations and cultural exchanges;
  •  carry out educational activities.

To achieve these goals GACC has committed itself primarily to three main programs: – Preservation of Georgian Cultural Heritage Georgian Creative Industires & Crafts DevelopmentExhibitions and Gallery Activities International Initiative for Georgian Cultural Studies