The EENC is coordinated by a consortium set up by the Interarts Foundation and Culture Action Europe. This section provides further information about these organisations.



Founded in 1995 in Barcelona, Interarts is a private agency with international projection, the aim of which is:

• to advise in the design of cultural policies;
• to contribute to the processes of development through the cultural sector;
• to facilitate the transference of knowledge and information in the field of culture.

Its principal areas of performance are in the field of cultural policies and cultural co-operation. Today Interarts is active among other various innovative fields in those concerned with the cultural rights and with the organization of new creative industries.

It is the foremost aim of Interarts to include a cultural element in all projects concerning human development.

Cultural policy research and cultural cooperation in Europe have been at the core of Interarts’ areas of work since its inception. In recent years, Interarts has taken part in several European cooperation projects, as well as in the boards of the Access to Culture Platform set up in the context of the European Agenda for Culture’s structured dialogue with civil society, and of Culture Action Europe. The coordination of the EENC thus reinforces this involvement.

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Culture Action Europe

Previously known as the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage, Culture Action Europe has been working in the field of European cultural policies since 1992. It has published numerous studies and reports, participated in key parliamentary hearings and discussion groups, contributed in the consultations that led to the design of the early cultural funding programmes Kaleidoscope and Raphaël, as well as to the two generations of Culture programmes. Culture Action Europe has co-initiated the creation of the Platform for Intercultural Europe, and is a member of the steering groups of the two other ‘structured dialogue’ platforms (on Access to Culture, and on the Potential of cultural and creative industries). Currently, the main project of Culture Action Europe is the we are more – act for culture in Europe campaign.

Culture Action Europe currently has over 100 members, representing in turn more than 80,000 cultural operators across Europe (artists, producers, venues, educational and research institutions, …) from all arts and culture domains – orchestras to writers associations, national theatres to international cultural networks, independent cultural operators to conservatoires, museums to visual arts organisations or voluntary arts organisations. Culture Action Europe brings them together in the belief that cultural cooperation matters in Europe.

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