About us

The European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) is a group of experts which was set up in 2010 to provide advice to the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission in fields related to cultural policy.

Through the provision of responses to specific questions, the production of studies and reports on a wide range of areas connected to the cultural sector and its policy implications at national, regional and European levels, the EENC aims to contribute to the improvement of cultural policy development in Europe. Rather than carrying out primary research, the EENC provides expert advice to policymakers by synthesising current research and relevant issues in a way which is useful for policy development.

The EENC operates in the policy context defined by the European Commission’s European Agenda for Culture (2007), which stressed the aim to support evidence-based policy-making in the cultural field. In addition, the EU Council of Minister’s Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014 provides an agenda of policy priorities which inspire several of the EENC’s activities.

The results of the EENC’s activities are aimed both at the European Commission and at other authorities, organisations and professionals with an interest in this field. The main outputs of the EENC’s work are presented on the EENC Documents section of this website.

The EENC is formed by a core team of 17 experienced researchers, consultants and experts based in 14 different countries, in the EU and elsewhere in Europe. Experts from outside the network are also invited to contribute to specific activities.

The network is coordinated by the Interarts Foundation  and Culture Action Europe. The consortium set up by these organisations was selected by the European Commission following an open call for tender launched in 2010.

We hope that you will enjoy the information presented on this website. For additional details about the EENC’s aims and planned activities, you are invited to consult the document attached.